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    Damn, this sucks, Chug thought to himself.  For it to be such a nice day and, I’m stuck inside, plugging numbers into Exel.  Chug was excited when he found out that he worked right by a window but, now it was only a means to torment him.  Chug was daydreaming when his boss came in.

  “What the hell are you doing?”  chug’s yelled.

  “Listen William, I’ll be done tom-“

  “No!  I’m tired of doing this with you.  Pack up your desk, your fired!”  William shot back.

  “But Wi-“

  “Just go chug.”  William sighed as he left chug flabbergasted.

  “God, damn it.”  Chug sighed under his breath.  How am I going to pay my rent, it’s due in three days.  He once again sighed as he began packing up his stuff.


  Serval hours had past and now and chug was walking up to his door.  He had walked home from work in hopes to clear his mind.  It wasn’t helping as all he could think of is how he blew it.  he opened the door and flopped on his couch.  “Urgh I’m really not looking forward to job hunting tomorrow, he sighed as glanced at his computer.  “Well I might as well get started.” he mumbled to himself as he lifted himself off his couch and trudged to his computer.  upon sitting down, he opened his browser and started his search.

  it seemed like hours had passed as it became increasingly hard to keep his eyes open.  “This is hopeless, the only places hiring are fast food restraunt’s and gas stations.  Life would be so much easier if I dint have to deal with this crap.”  Chug yelled at himself.  “I never thought I would miss high school but, here I am.”  He groaned as he turned off his computer, he just couldn’t deal with it right now.  He started to walk to his room before he felt his vision became obstructed.  He reached his hands to his hair as he looked how long it was.  “Man, I need to get it cut.”  He sighed as it was another thing he needed Money for.  As he continued to his bedroom door, his hair change color from orange to black with red tips, not that he notices it.  He went to open his door but found the handle was higher up than usual.

  “I just need to get some sleep” he sighed as he went inside his room.  Once inside he felt his eyes sting.  He immediately raised his hands to his eyes as the grew larger and changed to a silver color.  “What the hell?” he gasped as he heard his new voice.  It sounded familiar. Upon lowering his hands, he witnessed as they grew smaller and more petite.  “What’s going on.”  Chug asked, but no one answered. All mostly immediately after his ands changed his arms followed as they also slimmed down.  He winced in pain as his shoulders cracked inwards and his hips jutted out. He fell to his knees as the pain moved to his waist as it violently squeezed in, giving him an hourglass figure.  He desperately gasped for air as the pain subsided. 

  It wasn’t the end however as a strange thing was happening to his face.  It dint hurt but it still felt weird.  His face rearranged itself, becoming that of a 16-year-old girl.  “What in the wo-“ he was interrupted as his manhood leave him, becoming her new womanhood.  “no no no.”  Chug stuttered as he felt pressure build up on his chest.  His back arched as two mounds of flesh pushed out of her chest, giving her b cup breast.  To finish the transformation his legs became long and slender as his hips gained weight.  Finally, his feet cracked down several sizes, finishing her body’s transformation. 

  Her clothes started to change as her shoes shrank down to match her new small feet while becoming red and black boots.  Shorts merged with her shirt, becoming a black dress with red trim. Her socks lengthened past her thighs, becoming red and black in the prosses. then a red cape and hood materialized on her back.  finally, a bra formed under her dress and her boxers changed into red panties.  She watched as the world changed around her as she was now in bedroom team RWBY shared.  That’s who I am, I’m Ruby Rose she exclaimed.

  “What are you talking about, of course your Ruby.”  Wiess yelled out from across the room.

  “Well at least I don’t have to job hunt anymore.”  Ruby said to herself.


this is for TgVocals contest entry.
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